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Andrew R of CGC Comics Blog Reviews Conan #1 Marvel 2019 Toronto

Review: Feb 3 2019 cgc comics blog, andrew r,
Conan #1 Is Back At Marvel for 2019
Conan the Barbarian’s first appearance was in Weird Tales in 1932. However, fast forward a whole bunch of decades and you will find Conan the Barbarian at Marvel in 1970.  That Conan series lasted until 1993 and went to issue #275.  So yes, a whole bunch of years have passed and Conan is now back at Marvel for 2019 with a new #1 and a whole new Conan experience.  Writing this new Conan series is Jason Aaron with artwork by Mahmud A. Asrar.
I recently re-read Conan the Barbarian #1 from Marvel from 1970 and I enjoyed it but not as much as I had the new 2019 version of Conan.  I do like the 1970 Conan #1 but the newer version is much easier to immerse yourself in the gritty and brutal world of Conan.  The story starts out with Conan born on a battlefield and then later moves to Conan’s violent skirmishes which lead him to be tricked and subdued by a “beautiful” woman.  Yes, these are typical Conan storytelling tropes but the story would be empty without them.
The title of the series is “The Life and Death of Conan, Part 1.”  So, if you love stories and art with a lot of gore and testosterone, then this series is for you.  This new Conan series does not disappoint and it stays true to the brutal legend of Conan. Asrar’s art adds to the storytelling and works perfectly in this newly updated Conan universe.
The new Conan #1 is a really a quick and enjoyable read.  The story was very enjoyable and delivered a classic Conan experience.  I look forward to reading Conan #2 when it comes out.  Keep in mind kids, Conan is typically better left for the adults.  Overall, Marvel’s 2019 re-issue and re-telling of Conan is a fun adult read that stays true to the original subject matter and updates it with a new look and a new start.  I look forward to Conan #2
Andrew R/ CGC Comics Blog/ Toronto
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